Symphony of Colors

For many years, I have found myself genuinely interested in depicting the nature and natural landscape, and here begins the story of “the Symphony Colours.” It is a part of my career to travel around with my camera, trying to capture the pure moments of scenic beauty in the country. As for usual, I was wandering around in the Alborz mountainous area in the north of Tehran, Iran. I was passing through valleys and rivers, searching for interesting photographing subjects. All of a sudden, I paused at a stream, stunned by the rocks at the river bottom. All those colors, forms, rhythm, and composition of stones reflecting through the pure water were so significantly eye-catching that they stopped me from going any further. I focused more and tried to look at this newly discovered scene to me with fresh eyes. I tried to make different frames and investigate different aesthetical compositions using my hands and my camera. Sooner than I imagined, my artistic understanding of the subject was utterly altered. I felt such enthusiasm from the newly inspired perspective that I forwent my previous plan of photographing the landscape and started a close-up study of the rocks, colorful stones, and lichens. The collection of “the Symphony of Colours (Stones)” was the outcome of my acquaint with a new world in nature, that I used to overlook. Forty art pieces were painted within four years and were finally exhibited in 2014 in Tehran Niavaran Cultural Center.